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Development News: Submitting the package today(2013/06/10)! ProD v2.0 and thanks!

After an intense week of development at work I found some time to prepare ProD v2.0 for release! I will submit it in a few hours and already started taking screenshots for your viewing pleasure. : ) Enjoy the ss I attached above. As you know people of Unity will take some time to check the package for bugs and give the package a green light when it's possible. I will make another blog post when that happens to celebrate the official release.

I want to thank you for being patient, following this dev blog and purchasing the ProD package. Your support matters a lot and keeps me strong!

Here's the link to Unity Asset Store:

Don't forget to e-mail me with feedback and any ideas you want to see in ProD.

Thanks for your support of future awesome roguelikes that will flood the Unity platform!


Edit: I submitted it at the start of this week and the update is pending confirmation.

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