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Vacation Update!

Hey guys!

Right after releasing ProD 2.0 I went for a long-expected vacation. I was gone for 9 days and was visiting home, Istanbul. I had a really nice break from work and ProD. Thanks to Paul, an avid ProD follower and user, I received valuable feedback on what should be improved next as well as reports of minor bugs.

Paul's List:
-A toggle for debug logging, so you don't have to see the prints all the time.
-Storing rooms as individual data structures so you can create special rooms and more.
-Extra configuration and a fix for spawning multiple stairs in your dungeon.
(Thanks Paul!)

I also received some nice e-mails from new users and had to write short answers to them since I was busy tanning and chasing girls. Now that my play-time is over on 25th of June I wil get started on fixing and adding more to bring you a better ProD!

I also heard some rumors in my head about some quadtree generation scripts for dungeons, but you never know...

Don't forget to e-mail me your feedback and precious projects!

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