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Development News: Free version is coming soon, some information about what I'm planning to do next and some other things...

Hey guys,

This weekend I might attend a game jam so I'll be busy doing other things besides work. Here's a rundown of what I'm planning to do the following 2-3 weeks. Of course no promises on anything since work comes before ProD. This is a projection...

1 - ProD already has a planned free version for people to get a taste of what the package does. I need to sit down and clean a package for this and figure our whether I can submit a free version to Unity asset store. Also I need to watch out for not giving out too much of the package so people who will buy or already bought it still benefit from having paid.

2 - I need to wrap up on the Quadratic Tree Generator and clean the code for that. It's already commented nicely but it needs some attention.

3 - Getting the package to people who might want to use it is a big problem. So far I have reached about 600 clicks to this blog. I still haven't made an extensive post on Unity Forums, Rogue Temple and relevant Reddit subreddits for a strong introduction.

4 - There's a wild idea of making a ProD jam in the far future which sounds amazing to me
: ) I think it could be fun to see what people make with ProD... It's a good idea to get feedback on the package as well as get some interesting games rollin'!

5 - I need to upload the Webplayer version to our website.

6 - Lastly I need to put the 3-D assets in the game and add placement using orientation for prefabs.


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