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Development Update: ProD v 2.13 is currently being reviewed by Unity Asset Store Team

Yes fellas! I updated the package. There are more than what you see down below in the log but I didn't have time to thoroughly list all the things this time.

As you know I still haven't gotten around to craft a neat Free Package for ProD. That's next on my list but right now I'm busy with interesting events at work. We are working on really interesting projects and once things go official I would like to share some cool news with you.

Thank you for buying the package and sharing the word with your friends. Every ProD user funds more people to work on ProD.

Please send me your feedback, ideas and more so I can keep refining the package.


Update Log: ProD v 2.13

  • Added sample 3D models and textures.
  • Added OrientationManager.cs and OrientationVisualizer.cs.
    • Now you may rotate doors and tile 3D models by modifying them automatically, according to the cells around them. This is also demonstrated in the package with the current 3D models.
  • Added QuadTreeNode.cs and QuadTreeDungeonGenerator.cs.
    • Added an unfinished version of QuadTreeDungeonGenerator.cs. This scripts is still under construction.
  • Added CameraDragAndZoom.cs
    • Added a script that let’s you make a draggable and scrollable minimap. This is the same script we use in the WebPlayer version of ProD.
  • Added WebPlayerGUI.cs
    • Added the GUI script used in making the WebPlayer for users to learn from.
  • Changed contents of CameraManager.cs
    • Cleaned some redundant methods and tightened the script.
  • Added Room.cs
    • Now you may keep track of the rooms you generate in a dungeon in case you want to spawn things in them.
  • Changed contents of BaseGenerator.cs
    • Modified the ReplacePrefabs method and integrated it with OrientationManager.cs script.

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