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Mini update: Busy weeks are coming!

Hey guys, we started a new project at work so I'll be a little busy for the following two weeks or so.

We are also working on a small side project that will be using ProD. This might mean some amount of boost in recognition of the package, which in return means more money for ProD and more time in developing awesome scripts for all the users out there! : ) I think there's still several weeks for that project to be announced though.

Another good news is that we have two new members who are interested in developing ProD together with me whenever they can find time! They are working people also, so we'll see about how much we can get done whenever we can.

I'll keep you updated about the new stuff we are coding as soon as I can. Please keep supporting us. With every purchase of the package I can muster enough money to ask legitimate coders to help the package and review the material I made. Tell your friends about ProD and let me know any feedback you may have! Tweet, Facebook share and/or pm others who might be interested!

Thanks and cheers!

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