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Development News: Friendly UI and code overhaul ... oh and also 3-d assets!

Hey guys,

Saverio has finished texturing the models and the asset pack is complete. We're still gonna review it one more time and I have a good idea that will benefit everyone who's interested in learning about the secrets of game/tool development.

I hope to make a video with Saverio as we comment on the generation and the making of the assets a little. This is. however, still an idea.

Another thing is that with the experience of using ProD for a game I realized there is quite a lot of simplicity to be applie to the ProD design. I already made a new interface design however I need to get some info on how to realize this. I'm not that knowledgeable in extending the Unity Editor class and as we know the new Unity updates are coming from all fronts. I'm gonna discuss and research how to develop this new design and share the design pictures with you.

Thanks and please don't hesitate to e-mail me your questions! (my e-mail is on top of the page.)

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