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Three New Prod Packages: ProD Free 3.0, ProD Silver 3.0, ProD Gold 3.1

There are three ProD packages now! Which one do I get? What are the differences? At first we had ProD Free which sort of included everything. Over time we developed ProD Free and ProD Pro because we started making quite many updates. Today we have ProD Free, ProD Silver and ProD Gold and below are what you get with each package. If you bought ProD Pro previously, you've been upgraded to Gold! 

  • ProD Free** has all the base code, but it only comes with the Maze Generation script. This package alone includes most things you need for writing and setting up your own gameplay easily. 
  • ProD Silver** includes everything ProD Free has. As an addition Silver version has Dungeon Generation script, Dungeon Ruins Generation script and overall 21 or more methods in its Method Library. This is the database we’re working on which allows you to mix and match all sorts of generations. 
  • ProD Gold** includes everything ProD Silver has. As an addition Gold version includes the full Method Library. We decided to make the Gold package, the one package that will be updated frequently. This means Gold users will benefit from all updates and feature additions unlike free and silver versions. Also examplary 3D models will be added to this package! 

Hope all of you enjoy these good news. The submissions are being reviewed at the moment and the packages hopefully will be ready under 10 days. Cheers, Tunc

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