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Development News: I'm writing a letter to you!

I'm writing something for all of you. It is none but the one and only significant guide to using ProD, the ProD Manual!

Here's an excerpt from the manual:

  1. Here’s an example situation for using ProD:
    1. Let’s say you want to create your very own procedural map with a river running through mountains and fields.
      1. First, you should plan out what your algorithms should do. This is the tough part of the job and where you spend the time reading about making procedural river generation and more.
      2. Once you know enough about what algorithms you will use for your map, you should decide what types of cells you will need. In our example we need the following cell types: Abyss, River, Mountain and Field.
      3. Considering you don’t have models, textures and no other assets: You may open the ProD Window from Windows drop down menu in Unity and set your Replacement Type to Textures. Place the ProD/Resources/TopDownTile.prefab in the Generic Prefab field. This is a prefab included in the ProD package for this purpose. It's a simple plane that will act as a tile.
      4. Next you should punch in 4 as your Array Size for Cell Types and write your Cell Types’ names here. You may write Abyss, River, Mountain and Field for each field.
      5. Now go ahead and set the Color field of every Cell Type. We may use black for Abyss, blue for River, red for Mountain and green for Field. You may also add a texture in the Texture field for every Cell Type at this point but if you choose not to, the flat texture on TopDownTile.prefab will be used.
      6. Finally click SAVE to permanently save the data you entered!
I'm hoping the manual will be easy to read and friendly to those with questions. In the end all I care is how comfortable you guys will be while handling ProD. Developers are very important people for me. I'm one myself and I wouldn't rest easy if I passed something I wouldn't like using to you guys.


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