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Development News: ProD v 2.0 is finished! Almost...

Hey guys,

I finished developing the latest version of ProD v 2.0! Sort of... Right now I'm testing, testing and testing more so you don't run into annoying bugs. I also started writing an update log, but of course it's not finished. Here's a glimpse to not yet finished Update Log!

(Not Final) Update Log: ProD v 2.0

  • Changed contents of CameraManager.cs
    • Removed automatic resolution re-sizing method since it didn't re-size perfectly for all sizes.
    • Added track and lock on player object capability.
    • Added a new resolution setting capability.
  • Added ProD Window.
    • Added ProD_Window.cs, ProD_Data.cs & CellTypeParameters.cs
    • Now you may set cell types, colors, prefabs and textures in the ProD Window and use them in any map generation. This allows users to generate maps using their own prefabs or textures.
  • Removed CellManager.cs
    • ProD_Data.cs took the responsibility of storing relevant data CellManager.cs had before.
  • Changed contents of PlayerMovement.cs
    • Reduced the complexity of script.
    • Added capability to move by using all numpad keys.
    • Added a Boolean type variable to switch between control by only cursor keys mode and control by numpad keys mode.
  • Changed contents of all BaseGenerator.cs related classes.
    • Added ConvertUnreachableWallsTo() method that transforms wall tiles if they are surrounded by wall tiles on all 8 grids around them.
    • Cell objects are now generated and immediately set to be children of map objects in scene. These parent objects create a permanent address for access by code. In our case we access them for deletion of old cells on generation of a new map upon an existing one.
    • Added PlacePlayer() so users can place a player object by toggling a Boolean variable in generator scripts.
    • Added a DestroyPlayer() method for destroying the player on map re-generation.
    • Added ReplaceCellsWithPrefabs() method for replacing your cells with textures or prefabs you may set before.
    • Tweaked all scripts for compatibility with ProD Window.
  • Added an example tile set for Texture Type Generation.
  • Added placeholder prefabs for Prefab Type Generation.

You know it's not easy writing manuals and logs. You'd think my job would be over once I finish coding...


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