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Development News: Completed Texture and Prefab Placement Options! (...and a bonus tab icon!)

Look at that beauty! Introducing a simple yet elegant symbol for ProD so it will gracefully match the other windows without feeling left out. Other than that, now you can use the drop down menu and switch between using prefabs and textures! It's finally done I say! I'm not uploading it yet because new functionalities need some more time to be tested and refined. We don't want any bad errors to annoy our users. We also don't want funky bugs to bug them either. The functionality is there and I hope to make it as smooth as possible for others to adopt. I will spend some time re-factoring the code, renaming some assets and updating the manual thoroughly so everything is clear. For me the most frustrating thing happens when I buy a package and don't understand how it functions. I want ProD to be clear and easy to manipulate for all.

I'm gonna try and make some good looking 2-D and 3-D test scenes for you guys so you have a good idea of what you're getting when you purchase ProD. I hope to update the whole package before 29/05/2013, but no promises. It could be earlier or later depending on workload at Gray Lake.

Tunc is out! 

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