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Development News: Fixed bugs and added a thing or two!

These are not yet updated but I finished coding them on my copy.

-Added a toggle in BaseGenerator.cs: You may toggle all debug prints except errors and warnings.
-Added Room.cs class: You may now access a collection of all rooms you create in a map through your BaseGenerator.cs.
-Fixed a bug in visual generator: You will now see one map instead of two and better efficiency in generation.
-Removed MonoBehaviour inheritance of Cell.cs & added CellManager.cs: This new class allows the generator scripts to generate the maps without instantiating any GameObjects. This means better efficiency in map generation.

-Fixing a bug with QuadraticDungeonGenerator.cs.
-Making a webplayer.
-Thinking about a simplified free version of the package.

Here's a sneak peek to the QuadraticDungeonGenerator.cs


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