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News: I went missing for weeks? Why? ProD Free is doing good? E-mails?

Hi all,

ProD is going strong. I had the chance of working with really talented people and we definitely took the upcoming update to a new level. We integrated several new classes. new map generation algorithms and some re-factoring to make ProD the niftiest generation package there is. I won't be disclosing the full list but expect major changes that will make all users happy. We even have a fog of war functionality already built-in!

As you know I work and own my independent game development and design studio with my sibling. My brother and I had the chance to work with a few extraordinary gentlemen who took part in the creation of an amazing prototype that also involves ProD. I will disclose the name of the title at the end of this week and post the link to a demo then. This game is about exploration and has an artsy flair to it. This cool prototype was one of the reasons ProD definitely took off and improved tons.

By the way I see that ProD got downloaded more than 60 times in the past week and a half without any marketing attempts. I hope you guys like the package and please keep the e-mails coming. I appreciate your wishes and you are my most important source of feedback. If you want ProD to improve, write to me!

Hope to come back with more good news!

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