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News: What is ProD up to? Is it being developed as we speak?

Hey guys,

I know you want to hear about new plans on where the ProD is going and perhaps some more news about when the upcoming update will approach and what it contains exactly.

Let me tell you, I want to develop ProD day and night, but I was very busy the last month and I will be very busy for the following two months.

We work on a bigger project and another side project at the moment so I can eat food and pay rent, however, if  you haven't bought ProD and/or you want to see Unity with a better procedural generation package feel free to go ahead and support me by buying ProD. The fact of the matter is that ProD requires careful planning, debugging and love to get the right consistency of awesome and I can do this only if I can keep breathing with a roof above my head.

Meanwhile I'm getting some of your awesome e-mails that cheer me on : ) Thank you so much and I hope to hear more from those who are interested in the package. You guys give me the most awesome ideas and motivate me to crunch some more juicy proceduralities in there. (I know that's not a word.) Any and all feedback are welcome at Unity3d[at]graylakestudios[dot]com!


So what's gonna happen now is in the upcoming two months I will have a new update for ProD with all the cool stuff and if I get some more sales during that period I can hire some programmers to help me out.

Let's do this!

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