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Development News: Almost there! ProD 3.0!

Hi guys,

We're working on ProD 3.0 and it will have quite a big structure change. Because of this on the new update I'd like to include the previous version 2.13 also in case people still want to access the old way of doing things. So don't worry, you'll be covered.

As you know if you have any problems you can e-mail us at the address above anyhow.

Good news is that we're planning to release before the end of this month! : )

I also got an e-mail about backwards compatibility with Unity 3. Since we developed the package on Unity 4 the package might not work on your Unity 3. The other day we did a test with one of our customers and we learned that there was an Editor error after trying to run the package on Unity 3. We hope to attend this issue and fix it so we're compatible with developers who wish to use an older version of Unity.


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