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Development News: ProD 3.0 development is finished! Update coming next week!

Here's an incomplete update log. We wanted to put a lot of things to the new version but we didn't want to put anything that isn't ready. Lot more will be added in the future! Enjoy!

Update Log for ProD 3.0
The 3.0 update to ProD changed a lot of things big and small. Due to the nature of the newest update we decided to supply you with an addition and removal briefing.

  1. Added Test Scene - 1,2 and 3
  2. Added Doxygen documentation.
    1. This is an online documentation that parses all comments into a neat .html for ease of access.
  3. Added a full 2-D terminal theme.
    1. This is a free sprite sheet for retro roguelike developers.
  4. Added Address.cs, Map.cs, WorldMap.cs and Room.cs
    1. These are some of the new building blocks we are using in ProD.
  5. Added TestSceneGUI_1,2 and 3.cs
  6. Added CameraObjectTracker.cs
    1. This is a script that lets you track your players.
  7. Added Materializer.cs
    1. This is a script that will instantiate game objects according to your maps’ theme and whatever is inside your resources folder under your theme.
  8. Added MethodLibrary.cs
    1. This is the biggest addition with all methods that act as the manipulating factos in the maps. Placing rooms, creating corridors, making mazes, applying filters, connecting caverns and much more goes in here.
  9. Added ProDManager.cs
    1. This script acts like a game manager.
  10. Added 10 Map Generator scripts.
    1. These are the sample generator we supplied you with. You have all the generators from the previous update and more.
  11. Added 2 WorldMap Generator scripts.
  12. Removed all Editor scripts.
    1. Replaced some of these scripts with the test scene GUI.
  13. Removed Example Assets Folder.
    1. Replaced this with Visual Assets folder with various Themes since the Materializer.cs uses themes now.
  14. Removed Prefabs folder and all Generator Prefabs.
    1. Current system in 3.0 uses Static classes and Singletons. You don’t need to have prefabs in the scene anymore.
  15. Removed ProD Data and ProD Window.
    1. These are obsolete now.
  16. Removed WebPlayerGUI.cs
  17. Removed VisualGenerator.cs
    1. We plan to bring this back in a furher update. It was removed due to incompatibility with 3.0

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