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ProD 3.0 Free version will be submitted next week and some thoughts looking back at ProD 2.13 Free

Hey guys, I was working on the ProD Free 3.0 and I realized ProD had around 20 downloads of ProD Free 2.13 per every purchase of ProD 2.13. That is approximately every 1 person in 21 who tried the free version purchase the paid version.

Check this review I received for the ProD Free 2.13:

This made me realize that the paid version didn't have enough content to outdo the free version and/or created the feeling that maybe people had no way of knowing about what they were missing with the paid one. What I did at the time to invite more users to the paid version was the following: I sat down and highlighted the missing features in the free version on the manual, so if a reader looks at the manual they would know what they were missing. 

The reality is not a lot of people read the manuals, which is only natural in this age of technology. I mean, I definitely prefer a video tutorial over reading a manual or googling really. 

Regardless for 3.0 I decided to have an even more extensive manual and documentation in the case that users want to get proper written information at any given time. This time I decided to do two things.

1 - Give away just enough amount of assets for the users.
2 - Inform the free users on what more they'll get if they purchase the paid version. Possibly by placing an instantly skippable splash screen on test scenes.

With this plan in mind I realized a couple more things:

1 - ProD needs a video tutorial.
2 - ProD needs a full feature list to share with others, so they know what the package is capable of.

Here are some of the features and what I'm planning for the free version. These are subject to change of course.
  1. Player/Camera scripts that allow you to have numpad/cursor controls to move and track your player object. [PAID ONLY]
  2. Method Library that contains numerous methods for manipulating map data such as making mazes, corridors, caverns and much more. [PAID ONLY] [Free version has the methods only for Dungeon and Dungeon Ruins generation.]
  3. Premade Generator scripts for Cavern, Dungeon, Dungeon Ruins, Perlin Biome, Stick Biome, Stick Dungeon, Rocky Hill and Maze formations.[PAID ONLY] [Free version has Dungeon and Dungeon Ruins Generators only.]
  4. WorldMap feature that makes it possible to have procedural generators and combine multiple maps into one big world map.
  5. Room script that keeps track of rooms and areas in the case that you would like to spawn creatures/chests and other things.
  6. Simple terminal tileset both cut and in atlas form for test purposes.
  7. A minimap camera script that allows drag to move/scroll to zoom in/out.
  8. Capability to use any 2D or 3D game asset as your map building blocks.
  9. Test Scenes that allow you to quickly get into code [PAID ONLY] [Free version will have less content in the test scenes.]
Now I have to get going. I'll write more later.

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