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Pro-D Total 4.3 is out!

Here's the update log for Pro-D Total 4.3:

  1. Added a new method that places stairs according to a minimum distance. Now staircases aren’t placed next to each other and their distance can be adjusted.
  2. Added a new generator type called Generator_Castle.cs. This new generator uses some old and some new methods to generate castles.
  3. Added weights to the RandomTexture.cs and RandomSprite.cs. You can now assign weights to multiple visuals for one type of tile.
  4. Added some more methods into the method library.
  5. All themes now include outside path type of cell.
  6. Various bug fixes.

(WARNING: There's a unity bug that won't update your package automatically. You have to manually delete the old package at: C:\Users\yourAccountName\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store if you can't import the latest package properly.)

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