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Much expected feature list and a news update!

I woke up sick this morning and also had to stay home due to some kitchen repair action. Thinking this was a good opportunity make a blog post, I wrote this post. Here's a little of what's going on lately with Pro-D development.

This December we'll be busy with ProD&D, our beloved dm-helping random map generator on android. We have quite a bit of overhaul to finalize and features to implement for it. This doesn't mean Pro-D won't get any attention, on the contrary some features we're making for ProD&D will be ported into Pro-D, but that's to come later in the game.

We'll be making updates to Pro-D as usual and here's a nice list of things we're contemplating of implementing:

User Suggestions:
  1. Random number of doors per room.
  2. Random or adjustable corridor width.
  3. Multiple levels in one map.
  4. Generation of rooms inside rooms.
  5. Item generation and placement on map.
  6. Fluid generation and placement on map.
  7. Secret rooms and doors as well as locked doors and keys.
  8. 2D toolkit support.
  9. Build-time generation.
More features planned by GLS:
  1. Step by step map generator viewer.
  2. Overhauling the walking script.
  3. Connecting staircases/entrances/exits with maps.
  4. Overhauling the theme system.
  5. Adding zone divisions into map generation.
  6. Zone based monster and item spawning.
  7. Item and inventory system.
  8. Additional algorithms for making humongous worlds.
(If you'd like to make an addition to this list, please go ahead and tell us and we'll add it!)



  1. People paid $75 for this and you quit supporting it?

    1. Hi there,

      The support continues at our subreddit here, So if you have any questinos regarding Pro-D you can reach us at that address.